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Labour leader Alan Kelly calls for a full university status for WIT

From the Waterford News & Star

“It is the view of the Waterford Labour Party constituency that if substantial movement hasn’t been made by the start of the next academic year in September, that Waterford IT must be allowed to revisit the option, provided for under the Universities Act of 1997, to submit a standalone application for university upgrading, with necessary support.

Deputy Kelly, who toured the constituency on Friday last, added: “So plough and get it done or else actually say, do you know what, Waterford actually deserves (standalone status). It would be some statement from a government and it would be a lifetime changing statement, one that a government which is going into very difficult times, would be remembered for. They should seriously look at that and if I was in government I’d be looking at that because I believe Waterford now deserves, proportionately, to be positively looked at in a way that hasn’t been done previously.”

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