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What can I do?

Failure to deliver a university of substance to the South East will not be tolerated. This is the one issue that has united all people, from all backgrounds, across the entire region. The electorate of the region are well-informed about how this decision will be made and they are under no illusion as to the fact that this is entirely political in nature. A government that fails to deliver the requirements of those who elected them will not be returned to power – make no mistake. Any movement made, must be made appropriate to the status of our existing institutes. Existing excellence, track record, and capacity be capitalised upon not diminished. Deliver our university, deliver our future!

There are a great number of activities that each and every one of us can do to help win this university for the Southeast. We all have a part to play and no matter how small or how great your effort may be, it all counts! Below are a number of suggestions of activities that will ensure that the quest for a university is kept at the forefront of the minds who will ultimately make the decision.

Actions that we can all take to ensure that this crucially important issue is not overlooked by government

Follow up on social media, make your voice heard and follow the @thefusecampaign Twitter accountTalk to your friends and family about what this means and why it is important for our future
Talk to your local councillors and other political representatives about the importance of this issueCampaign directly yourself, it belongs to all of us in the region and will benefit our families and friends
just some of the things that we can all do to ensure that this important issue is heard and not overlooked
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